The Change Agent You Need

Go-Up is not just a people data platform. It is a comprehensive partner that helps you make the changes you need. We base our work on a rigorous understanding of every client’s context, sector dynamics, and business needs.

Armed with data capabilities and domain expertise, we serve as a catalyst of change at every level of your organization. We focus on delivering new mindset, practical results and equipping people to grow.

Our Expertise

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Insight Discovery

We identify data critical to your organization and develop rapid software prototypes and data collection methodologies to uncover hidden yet crucial insights.

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Data Integration

We put your organization's data to better use by integrating with our Insight Discovery platform, allowing our clients to make better and faster decisions.

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Transformation Work

Our wide range of transformation services are available in all regions and industries, including through first grade partners. They ensure your organization gets ready for its challenges ahead.


Creating a High Performing Culture

Culture can make or break a company. Even if you have the best people and strategy, your organization is not going to achieve its full potential in the long term without it. The challenge is to overcome the deeply rooted assumptions and behaviors that are damaging and slowing down the organization's growth.   We work together with leaders to evaluate your employees’ experience at work, define the desired culture, and build your processes while tracking changes. Our experts will help you integrate organization's performance data and implement our transformative model for a successful organizational change and cultural patterns in your company. Request A Demo


Building an Engaged Workforce

The growth of your organization depends on your people. It is crucial to keep them engaged and help them to flourish because they are the one that cares about the future of the company and are willing to invest in discretionary efforts to ensure that the organization succeeds.   We help you acquire an in-depth understanding of your employee's experience at work - regarding their job, their management, and their environment - and plan the right interventions, tailored to each team’s needs


Adapting to Millennials, the Future Workforce

Millennials make up the largest generation in the workforce today. They are different from their predecessors, and these call for a different management approach. Your organization needs to manage expectations and focus on creating a positive work environment that enables accelerated learning with continuous feedback on performance.   With the support of our platform, you can check the pulse of your people and promote feedback continuously. We can further ensure that your people are fully equipped with the right skills through training and more to take the best decisions in the Millennials’ context. Request A Demo

Go-Up leads successful transformations

It takes experience to get it right. We can guide you through the 9 levers of culture change.

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