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The Process


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Continuous Voice

Everybody has an opportunity to share what’s on his/her mind.


Anonymity Guaranteed

People can feel safe and be honest.


High Participation

Short and fun questions favor high participation without overwhelming your people.

Real Time Employee Data

Quick and fun data collection

  • 1 Minute Weekly Micro-Surveys

  • Hundreds of scientifically backed questions.

  • Multi-language ready (including English, French, Thai, etc.)

  • Select frequency from 4 questions each week to 8 twice a month

  • First platform to use animated GIF pictures to keep questions light and fun

A Unique Scientific Model

Go-Up’s engagement model and questions are drawn from a continuous research work building on organizational psychology, behavioral as well as management sciences, in collaboration with Pr. Frédéric Godard from the INSEAD, the world’s leading business school (Financial Times, 2017). Our question algorithm and rotation system ensure that our micro-surveys cover and uncover a wide range of issues and insights that bring significant value to both line managers and C-Suites alike.

Employee Experience

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Great way to connect to your people & take action

Converse in real-time with your people about things that matter through Go-Up Dialogue platform.

  • Get massive amount of written feedback

  • Filter by sentiment, themes and more for easier analysis and response

  • Reply to people to gain deeper insights and take action faster

  • Bookmark critical feedback for further review

Powerful dashboards

Understand your team and organisation in no time with real-time measurements, comparisons and insights.

  • Prioritize what matters most

  • Track changes over time with quarterly comparisons

  • Compare teams in one click

  • Filter data by age, gender, location, and more.

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