Unleash your people's potential

Go-Up is a people engagement platform, data architect and change agent that helps organizations deliver greater human and business value.

A powerful change agent that collects and leverages your people’s voices to increases staff engagement and improve business results.

Leading companies choose go-up

Enabling people success

Allowing people to flourish requires a deep understanding and fine tuning of their experience at work - regarding their job, their management and their environment.   Go-Up captures these data to identify blockers and the combination of drivers that can unlock your people’s willingness and ability to do better.  Request A Demo

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Connecting business impacts to people’s experience

Go-Up is designed to understand what drives people to deliver business results. From customer satisfaction, sales, retention, and more.  We combined insights about people experience at work with business outcomes to help you set out clear actions to improve your bottom line.


Go-Up, human engagement delivered

Thriving businesses are built on thriving people. Yet it is easy to lose track of what they need to perform at their best. Annual surveys fail to capture their changing situations or meet the need of managers for actionable insights.   Go-Up is different. We combine modern organizational science, smart data collection, breakthrough analytics, and intuitive design to help you and your managers unleash your teams’ potential now. Request A Demo


All the support you need to manage change

Go-Up is more than a web platform. We can support every step of your engagement journey with tailored consulting, training and facilitations delivered by our team and first grade partners.   Small and medium organizations can also benefit from a customer success programme that fits their size.

Everyone benefits

Engagement is a complete win-win process. And so is our platform.

  • Gain a new voice with ease

    No one wants a long survey. Go-Up empowers people with a voice without bogging then down with a painful survey process. Your thoughts are channeled to the upper management and some time to your own manager so they can support you.

  • Your voice is safe with us

    Go-Up has an iron-strong privacy policy that ensures your complete anonymity. Giving feedback is an emotional event. However, rest assured, we are determined to bring your voice up safely by only showing the aggregated data.

  • Continuous feedback, not annually

    Long gone for you to wait a year to give feedback to your management. Now you can take part in improving your company - continuously.

  • Keep up with the pulse of your team

    Understand your teams better, what your people need or what frustrates them at work. Enable their success leveraging Go-Up’s interactive dashboard and analytics.

  • Identify problems early

    Problems arise at any time. If you rely on old data, you people and business are at risk. Go-Up delivers deep insights into people’s mind through contextual qualitative feedback. So you get the details that matter.

  • Data for growth and development

    Without data, how can you be sure to best allocate your efforts and resources? Go-Up gives you the information you need to back your decisions, pinpoint strategic issues and start the right conversations with your team and upper management.

  • The big picture of your organization’s health

    Go-Up’s interactive dashboard displays a detailed breakdown of your teams, identifies areas that need attention, and allows you to drill down into what matters.

  • Deep scan into any part of your organization

    Unlike many engagement solutions, Go-Up offers customizable filters that enable you to get the insights you really need.

  • Pinpoint must address areas across teams

    Go-Up supports complex global organization through intuitive heat maps to help figure out what teams need attention now.

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We build customized industry solutions

We partner with leading organizations across industries to build the best platform for them. Go-Up is intuitive to use, support complex, global organizations, regardless of how they are organized.