Frequently Asked Questions

Is Go-Up safe and secure?
Absolutely. The website is secured using https encryption everywhere where sensitive data is exchanged between the user and the servers. Your data is completely safe on Amazon Web Service Platform, which comply with top industry standards for security and reliability. Servers are managed, monitored, and administered by Amazon staff that have unparalleled experience in delivering online services with 24/7 continuity. User credential data is also encrypted before it is stored in the database.

How are the data collected and score calculated?
Every week, micro surveys are sent to all staff members registered on the platform. Employees will receive an email with a link to four questions only. It takes less than a minute to complete each time. Our surveys are drawn from a pool of more than 250 interactive and science-based questions.

Is it hard to set up?
It is very easy. Go-Up is a software as a service. So you do not need to install any software and the sign-up process is a breeze. Once you contact us, we will setup a Go-Up account immediately for your company. We will personally guide you through the short setup process so that you can launch your first survey right away.
We will need some basic information such as the emails of the people you want to invite in the system, the teams they belong to, their status (staff, manager, executive or administrators), the team they belong to. This is an easy process and we will do it together with you.

How long does it take to get valuable data?
Once you start using Go-Up, typically, after about a month, you’ll be able to start taking actions on the data reported as they are statistically viable at this point.

Every week Go-Up measures 4 different issues, thus you will get 4 new solid data on different aspects of engagement every week. Go-Up requires the first three months to provide a 100% complete picture of the company’s situation in every details and in every team. From that point onwards, the Go-Up dashboard is always 100% complete and current, containing no data older than 13 weeks.

How are the Go-Up questions built?
With Go-Up, you get access to a database of over 250 science-based and interactive questions. These questions are carefully crafted based on the latest research that underpins an established body of knowledge known as ‘organisational psychology’. We also regularly review our database of questions and welcome feedback for improvement from our customers.

Who has the access to feedback and results?
Go-Up offers different account types (manager, executive) with different visibility levels to suit different roles in your organisation. For example, your HR leaders and CEO can get a broad overview of trends for the entire organisation, with the ability to deep-dive into areas of their choice. Whereas, a line manager will have restricted access to the insights from their team, with a benchmark showing how they compare to the rest of the organisation.

What benchmarking does Go-Up use?
Benchmarking is useful to add context your scores. For example, knowing that your team has scored 3.4 for engagement is of limited value unless you know how you were doing before and how other teams in your company are doing. This is why we provide the « company average » as a benchmark throughout the platform, on every page. Further to this, Go-Up is going to integrate external benchmarking, allowing you to compare your company and teams’ results with similar companies, at a similar life stage, in similar industries.

Are my answer anonymous?
Absolutely. We are very clear about this. Everyone’s answer is 100% anonymous. No manager will ever be able to see who in particular has answered what.

To see our full privacy policy, please go to our Privacy Policy.

Do I have to answer the survey every week?
You don’t have to answer the survey every week. You can answer them anytime you want, by login into your Go-Up account when is convenient for you.

We know that your time is valuable, that is why we make our surveys as painless as they can be. They take only 1 minute to answer and you can answer them using your mobile device.

What day does the survey go out?
After completing the first survey on day of on-boarding, our surveys go out on local time, on the selected day, following the day when survey starts. Company administrators can set the default company time zone, yet each survey respondent can also modify his time zone.

Does everyone get the same questions every week?
Questions are different each week and vary from employee to employee. Questions are spread in order to give a just mesure of all key engagement drivers and scores.