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Our Mission

Enable managers to become great managers through data.


To make a difference in the world and help people.


Connect multidimensional people data.


Data, data and data.


Witansa Angwidjaja & Olivier Charnoz founded Go-Up in 2016 with one shared goal in mind: make people and companies grow better together. They come from two different paths and cultures. Witansa is Indonesian and, has lived many years in Singapore and has an extensive HR consultant background. Olivier is French, has worked in ten countries across Asia, Europe and Latin America. He has a management background as the head of the CEO office of an international public organization as well as research expertise on organisations (PhD, London School of Economics).

Dr. Olivier Charnoz

I co-founded Go-Up to help reconcile people and structures that need to grow together. Having worked for 15 years in the development field, helping countries’s economy, social and environmental policies, I experienced first hand how people’s creativity, participation, energy and sense of dedication are critical to any lasting progress in projects and organisations. This became the focus of my attention and I decided to help make a lasting difference in how engagement is managed.

Witansa Angwidjaja

Before launching Go-Up, I worked in a leading management consulting firm focused on HR and leadership. With countless clients, I have directly observed how disengagement weighs on every aspect of an organisation’s life – from lower productivity to higher turnover, operational backlogs, inefficiencies in talent allocation and so on. Yet, despite these huge costs, I have been struck by the lack of solutions available to companies to help them build their own in-house engagement process, beyond the typical and limited annual survey. This conundrum has fascinated me since then and I just want to « crack the code ».


Companies who manage engagement sustainably will outperform their competitors.