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Making People and Organizations Succeed Together

In great organizations, engagement seems to take place naturally. People are committed, energetic, attached to what they do. They spread positive attitudes and nurture a great culture into the whole company. In other places, engagement is barely seen. People just do what is necessary to get by and never go the extra mile to do a better job. Some actively spread negative vibes, just like toxins into a body. This damages not only the organization's growth but the very people who work there.We created Go-Up to help organizations hear and leverage people’s voices in true and better ways - so as to increase engagement and improve the organization's bottom line. We are here to help bring out the best in people and organizations all at once.

oliver goup
“I co-founded Go-Up to help reconcile people and structures that need to grow together. Having worked for 15 years in the development field, helping countries’s economy, social and environmental policies, I experienced first hand how people’s creativity, participation, energy and sense of dedication are critical to any lasting progress in projects and organisations. This became the focus of my attention and I decided to help make a lasting difference in how engagement is managed.”

Oliver Charnoz, ph.d.

Go-Up Co-Founder

Former Head of CEO Office, AFD International Project Manager and Senior Researcher

“Having worked in a leading management consulting firm focused on organizational effectiveness and leadership, I experienced how disengagement weighs on organization’s growth and people's life. There are an enormous number of people exerting high-stress, work-dissatisfaction, and burnout symptom, yet the right and sustainable solutions are not yet available. As a result, high turnover, operational delay, and management inefficiencies damage the organization growth and capabilities to compete. This puzzle has fascinated me since then, and I just want to "crack the code.”

Witansa Angwidjaja

Go-Up Co-Founder

Former Hay Group Korn Ferry Consultant, a Human Capital Management Certified, and Leadership Researcher

witansa goup
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Strengthen engagement & Outperform Competitors

At Go-Up, we are focused on bringing out the best in people and organization through smart data and guidance. It is this focus that allows us to deliver on our promise of being a change agent, impacting behaviours and results, not just reports.

Go-Up Team & Partners

fahmi goup

Akhirudin Fahmi

Go-Up IT Lead

Former IT lead at Elephant Talk and Kompas TV. Over fifteen years experience in software development.

frederic goup

Frederic Godart, Ph.D.

INSEAD Professor

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at the INSEAD, the world’s leading business school (Financial Times, 2017).